December 20, 2006


More songs from Mil Mascaras. MM's singer is named Armelle Oberle, which is possibly the frenchiest name since Napoleon, and also, she sings for another band Crank Und Ultraeczema. I am not sure if I posted this, or if you deduced it on your own via some crackerjack website hunting, but every link on here is strange, magical, bound to suck you in, make you feel bougeious for using Protools as opposed to live-to-cassette and very lame for not having copious bands EXCLUSIVELY FOR FUN . Maybe it is just me, but tis what I thought. Actually, I thought "oooh, a gold mine of internet treasures!" and then I thought "Why am I not in a band?" and then I remembered I am, but that we just go to breakfast instead of practicing ever.

Secondarily, I think I forgot to turn in my official voting ballotry for various l'offical and sanctioned rock crit profesh polling.
c tiger thumbs up cut out.jpg
I do not think this is a considerable loss, because if you have read this wee bloggin (grossest combo of words i could pull together) for more than a Free Tuesday or whatevers, you know alll I cared about was the same thing everyone else mostly cared about, which was Tv On The Radio and JoJo Newsom and Swedish Frida. What I can tell you that was otherwise secretive, and various things that informed my list:

1. I finally understood parts of "hotel california" that for the last 27 years I have not. Kind of a no-brainer but keep in miund, out of punk pride I probably turned it off the first 300 times I heard it.
2. I did not know so much about rap and dance music this year because I went out way less and because some of my rap friends and I stopped hanging out. So, that may account for T.I. being in my top ten. Though that record will make you feel like yr dick is 50 feet long, no matter who and where and how you are. Proverbial dick.
3. "Everybody Everybody" by Black Box is in my top 10 most played songs in my iTunes for the 2nd year running. I think it is mostly just there because I kept forgetting I had "Good Life" by Inner City in the computer too.
4. My listening to writing ratio is deeply skewed, I sometimes go two months with only listening to 2 or 4 records, about which I am writing. Like whole records. In other professions they call that "worker slowdown". I think I maybe only listened to 70-91 cds/records this year. Maybe. So a survey of "favorite" is a microset of a microset.
5. I prefer the playlist I made of just the steely dan box set, Prince Sign Of The Times and three Joni Mitchell records to all hardcore records of 06.
6. I prefer to hear Clipse outside my home and i might change my mind on it in a major way within the next month, so it is off the list.
7. The best show I saw all year I think was these three girls who sang together perfectly, I do not remember their names, they were like a really sexy post-teenage Roches kind of outfit--like just ceaseless chops and talent on top of entertaining--I saw them play next to the sea of galilee in Israel and there was a delicious buffet, and I ate desert and sat on a pillow while watching them.
8. Best Podcasts in order:
Mad Decent radio
Kitchen questions from The Splendid Table
Fader Podcast
9. Best re-issues of the year in order:
Pretenders II
Delroy Wilson Studio One best of
Dead Moon bezt of on Sub Pop
Arthur Russell
10. Record that was most inspirational, that i liked too much to write about: The Fiery Furnaces.
11. Also inspirational:
Mary J's tights with the hole in them, live at the Bank/Airline promo throw down at House of Blues.
Tearsdrops art label bands and label too
BARR show in the art exhibit in LA
"I hate my school" by The Necros
The old lawyer guy from Big Black sucking but totally going for it at T&G 25 fest
12. Shows I was most bummed to miss:
Frida Hyvonen
Ellen Allien all three times
Dan Higgs 3 times too
13. Best shows I actually saw
Hold Steady
Coughs at the Bottle
Coughs at Wire fest
Four Tet / Kieran Hebden DJ night
14. I like the Common commercial as a song,
but did not vote for it, even though it had a leg up on all other songs I heard this year because IT WAS A COMMERCIAL ON PURPOSE.

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