December 15, 2006


It is the end of the year and hardly a thing doing, and the man is away and there is some shame in the fact that yr late night schedule is like an open ended love letter to Season 5 du Adventures in Jack Bauer, which is kind of just watching Kiefer Sutherland yell "DROP THE GUN" 150 times in a row, it's more like getting high to function vs. getting high recreationally; the paucity of TV thrills. In leiu of the guns and yelling, and all Dos Passos pages left unread, you leave the house. It's practically short sleeves weather; it's no need for mittens even when yr on yr bike weather. You rejoice in global warmings hot effects even though it feels macabre. It is holiday party week, where people you know will be making nice in an office, eating snacks off napkins; there will be catching up and loud music, so why not. You can do worse than small talk and bummed smokes. You go and it is all of those things and because it is winter, you have forgotten a little about being around people. You know about being around plants and cats, you know about their careful feeding and minor barfing problem. You go to one party and you revel in free food and someone to put a cut lime in yr water, which is reason enough leave the house anyhow: ice cubes & limes & the water that bubbles. It feels like a virgin experience. At the nother party there is joy in being in the loud room with everyone getting soft on booze and talking about important-nothing over hi-decibel girl-group-sung Jingle Bells. You ash in someone's beer and dare JR to help you re-enact the scene in Desperate Living where Divine knocks over the xmas tree and kills her dad. You discuss with your friend about your shared disdain for internet snarkiness; the irony that you are doing this perched on a ledge at the Pitchfork office is mostly lost on you. Who cares: they have multitudes of chips here! You have left the igloo, gone a-mingle with the strangers and half-knowns, a person who enjoys parties, amongst the party people.

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