December 13, 2006


Internetted kin of the middle west:
Ambulette is comin' to town. If you have seen them before, time to see them again and if yr a stranger, it's time to get familiar--they are like a whole new band, a better band. Forget the ancient myspace jiggs that are up, and head down. Before it used to be "RIYL: Denali, Mercury Rev" and I just saw them Monday, and it's suddenly "RIYL: Zepplin's House of the Holy, the solo from "When Doves Cry", being steamrolled by hugeness". Shit is so heavy that Rob Lowe spontaneously hit my arm and went "WHO-OA" mid song (and Rob is avant-garde only, so it's saying something). Tonight is Minneapolis! Go!

Dec 13 Mnpls MN @ 7th street entry
Dec 14 Omaha NE @ Sokol
Dec 15 Lawrence KS @ Replay
Dec 16 Columbia Mo @ MOJO

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