December 12, 2006


I know, I posted this yesterday, but I really am just so wowed by Mil Mascaras I thought I would post about it again. Mil Mascaras songs. Can someone please put out their record? As handy a miracle of Myspace is: The internet is not a record player. Not at all! How do they do it? It meaning make it sound like 1979 has not happened yet. It like the Raincoats never broke up. It like opening for Au Pairs. Strasbourg is the place to be, I guess. I think one of them is also in that other band Crack und Ultra Excema (Strasbourg, on some 4-way split with aids wolf). Someone needs to fly me to France so I can so a scene report from Strasbourg. I am going to keep using the word Strasbourg over and over til someone takes me up on my offer. My offer to go to Strasbourg.

Secondly, I am really in love with all kinds of records and music, but, in science of the heart studies I have done this week, Pretenders II might be the only record I need. I used to have sub-beef in my brain about Chrissy Hynde being anti-feminist and maybe even not particularly liking women, but even that couldn't make for real reluctance, as nothing can really hold against when she pops "jacuzzi to jacuzzi" like a slur--like it is nothin' and totally, utterly something at the same time. Chrissy Hynde as woman personified in these song is--not to be all Lacan about it--beyond "woman"--at least in pop definition. Singular in her gender-beyondness. Perhaps thats what affords her her stance on feminism:She is in some other orbit, she's superceded. This special remastered blah blah tra la la xtra disc edition is all you should be giving anyone for a holiday present.

thirdly, because I am all over French cassette rock like Pitchfork is about Swede-jizz, The Anals, who say they are gay hardcore, but they sound like they should be on some Xpressway New Zealand scuzz comp c. 92.
see also new weird mystery and non-stop really greatness
Basic Weed and Aline Wild & The Normals and Cheb Samir and the Black Souls of Leviathan. Cheb Samir is also in Cradle of Smurf who I think are just three ppl effing around on keyboards.

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