December 09, 2006


The Ex played last night and they were so invinsible and postive and rapturous that I developed a show long crush on GW Sok. He's not really my type, even in my fantasy brain (He's a 47 yr old punk dutch manarchist who looks like a baby, and was wearing a tucked in purple t-shirt) but he wields a megaphone with such righteousness, I feel bougeious guilt just by looking at him. I started thinking "I have not even considered the plight of the worker in at least a week" and began making lists of books to check out at the library, wondering what we would talk about if we were friends, wondering if he likes people who are not dutch anarchists. And then Kat did a cowbell solo, her ponytail splashing wild behind her and I just want to mash face first into the brick wall next to me because they are just the best band on the planet and nothing short of it and all I can do about it is dance.

They may be coming your way still. With DJ/Rupture no less.
12/9 Pittsburgh PA (USA), Garfield Artworks
12/11 Baltimore MD (USA), Ottobar
12-12 Cambridge MA (USA), The Middle East
12/13 New York NY (USA), Knitting Factory
12/14 Philadelphia PA (USA), First Unitarian Church
12/15 Hoboken NJ (USA), Maxwells
12/16 Cleveland OH (USA), Grog Shop

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