December 06, 2006


Miles is right, we should have tried harder. Last time I saw Botch play in Chicago was I think in 99 (?), a 2 pm hardcore matinee at the Fireside. There were maybe 90 kids there and a bunch of them were mosh-jocks and Dave said something about it from the stage, about being respectful to everyone else who came to see the show not get punched, and some kid yelled "Shut Up, Ian!" and we took it as a call to action to disrupt the pit. I was with everyone who was staying at my house for Flower 10 Fest, a minor cabal of 7 or 8, we did the "rip it up" en masse, I remember Sean Agnew being on Chearno's shoulders at some point, then each of taking turns stage diving gentley into the hands of a friend--more Torville and Dean/ ice capades style. An old intern of mine was there, and he had stripped down to his boxers. I dared him to take off his unders, put his socks on his hands and touch every single person in the room with his wet sock-paw. He did it, and then, unprovoked, performed a sort of "sexy dance" in the pit, wearing nothing but a Le Tigre shirt, his shoes and sock hands, which was the most effective method I have ever seen as far as getting hardcore ruffians to stop their violence.

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