December 04, 2006


I was a little sick and then yesterday, it took me 18 minutes of de-icing the car (counting breaks) and now I am like bona fide sick. Like all "Please get me my chapthtidk" in a low moan, with a wadded-up Puffs stuck up one nostril kind of sick. I took my second dose of cold medicine and am feeling like a hovering magic carpet in an animated cartoon, like "zing" and little animated sparkle dust wiggling around it. Thera-Flu is some bonkers business for straight edge me. Liz Armstrong told me "Thera-flu is so bad for you--it turns yr insides to * leather *", but she moved to Vegas last week, so there is nothing she can do about it now. My article about black metal due tomorrow might be a real headscratcher as a result, extra-Yoda-y syntax. Like the time on Facts of Life where Blair got high on pot and wrote her paper on Moby Dick, the whole time thinking it was some real genius shit but all it said was something like "Moby Dick = whale".

Exactly like that.

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