December 01, 2006


One of the great minds and talents and tastes behind Plan B, the best music magazine going (c/o the uk), is Ms. AMP. Her AMP mini zine and it'sonline AMP, is the true meaning of christmas, as well as a style of fanzine and enthusiastic fan-writing you long thought dead, dulled, missing or forgotten. I read this and I go "WHO IS THIS BAND AND HOW AM I EVER GOING TO FIND THIS CASSETTE OUTSIDE OF A PUNK GIG IN WALES!?". This week I am obsessed with the mystery that is lost (thanks, internet) in it not being possible to not know about bands. Like where all you have is some song on a comp and you have to scour, maybe wait years to find out what the deal was. And so you used yr imagination, but that option is gone now because no one doesn't have online presentation. Not to sound like a resentful luddite, complaining that the internet ruined my birthday party. But, AMP kind of brings that back. The feeling that i might have to write a letter or mailorder a seven inch if I want to know what the heck.

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