November 29, 2006


Like the other half of pro-blogging America, I have a review of Clipse's hell hath due tomorrow and I feel like maybe I need another 4 months to settle my mind about it; nonetheless. Peter Macia (so smart, the internet's gift he is)--I asked him what the album is about and he told me "love"--meaning not-cocaine ( isn't that what they said about Rumours?), which is what, on the surface, it seems to be about, despite averaging 8 references to cocaine per song. I was thinking about how it could be about love while I was chopping up fruit to give My Man™ as a present. Conceptually, I get "love" within Hell Hath, but I don't feel it or see it beyond lil clots and darts.
But I thought:
1. MAYBE For some people, buying a lot of shoes, $174 ladies underpants for strippers at La Perla and/or very expensive sunglasses in a song is like chopping up fruit presents. Same but different. My present is only $1.49 a pound though. Maybe it is about expression of loving to make a living. It is maybe as if I made a record about how much I like (love) writing for places that pay 50¢ or more a word. The satisfaction in having a paying skill is a simple one.
2. MAYBE It's a record about duty and freedom
3. MAYBE It's mythology--in the Joseph Campbell sense--not as in showbiz mythos, rap mythos, corner braggadoccio mythos neither.
4. Clipse are like existentialist GG Allin: in some senses--this is as gorey, shameless and over the top as you as can make/take it; the edge of trapocolypse.
5. What if Bloc Party made a whole record explicitly about being addicted to cocaine; like about stealing from your parents, smoking it on shift breaks at work, about court oredered rehab, or getting to AA finally 10 years later and only having one tooth. Like not even Steve Earle style "I lived through this" or w/e, like just as bold as Clipse in what it portrays and exalts. Do you think Pitchfork would rate it above an 8? or Franz Ferdinand made a whole record about dealing meth ? Would it make it more or less canonized? What if the Joanna Newsom album was like Back Like Cooked Crack lyrically, but still with the harp and victorian flairs? I know this sounds loaded, but I am just wondering the what ifs.
6. If this record is not about cocaine, it negates the moralizing it, lends itself to posi-hyperbole and discussion of the production.
7. Long story about watching my old best girl friend get strung out on crack over the course of a long year, what crack addiction looks like, and the part of me that remembers it well and is not suspended when I have to listen to records over and over with a dozen songs that are about facilitating crack addiction, sometimes triumphantly so and feels deeply confused. I am not sure confused is the word.
8. The "glamour" of coke has always been lost on me. Perhaps I equate it with people either being dead, insanely annoying or in horrible noise bands--sometimes all three--none of which ever held much appeal.
9. Per the paper of record: Four years ago did anyone think Clipse had classic anything in their capacity?

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