November 29, 2006


How many times is this story going to be re-energized and reprinted? I swear this is the fourth time I have read it. Between that and the other Times story earlier this week about a woman who just started trying to get preggo at 38-39 and had some trouble, and then at a dinner party she tells a younger woman that she shouldn't be so focused on her career, but she really be trying to find a partner and get knocked up PRONTO, along with the unending stream of stories about fertility and miscarriage in the New Yorker in the last few months-- it really rings an old bell...
re: articles that scare women out of the workforce and into motherhood, but in new language. There is a certain reality to it--that yr more fertile when yr younger and all--but do women really need to spend years HOVERING in a prep-state of "pre-pregnancy"? Grooming their wombs from puberty on? As Britt pointed out this morning, our grandmas ate terrible food, preggo-vitamins were unheard of, were on the Vatican method of birth control, neo-natal care barely existed etc-- and are still alive and our parents do not have flipper hands as a result. For serious!

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