November 27, 2006


I meant it to be a short walk, but I turned in all my rap-show previews by 10 am, and realized I had nothing I had to do now until 12:45 tomorrow, so why not make it as long of a walk as I can stand. I meant to go to the train land bridge, but JR called me 7 blocks in and so I walked to where he was (Wicker Park aka The Crotch) from where I was (casually examining trash an alley in the industrial corridor), so I walked along Damen, where block by block it goes from homeless desperados pushing carts to the by-the-pound scrap place into half-mil condomania in the span of 14 blocks. After 10 years, it never ceases to amaze me. Never. Always shocked.

I tried to notice everything because soon it's gonna be NOT 64 DEGREES, and I will be hustling fast and swearing under my steam breath and not moseying slow enough to notice the apartment building entrance where someone wrote in sharpie "if this doorbell is missing--please call landlord: XXX-XXXX". Or that someone had put a surfboard out with their trash c. Erie and Damen. Or that Jeff Mueller doesn't have a door knob on his front door, just a hole for one.

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