November 25, 2006


Good morning!
I decided around Fort Wayne Indiana that it is time for a new Hit it or Quit it to get made. Which means if you want in, send a signal. Because fanzine distro is a young mans game, because trees are valuable, because advertising is a bane, because free is good, the new Hit it or Quit it will be a downloadable pdf. It will not be 80 pages. It'll be like, 18 or 22 or 30. You can print it out, but if yr going to read it on the computer, it shouldn't be too long--that's bunk on the eyes and the lifetime-spending. Honestly. Plus: It'll be done when it gets done.

If you want to contribute reviews, an interview, an essay, a comic, a puzzle/maze fun page, a mock scene report, or something--then the time is nigh. So what if yr 15 and never written before? So what if english is not yer fist language. Magic happens all the time without anyone knowing about it before it happens.


I think this is a good idea, and not just because I thought of it. Also, because it is easy and because I want to read new works of Cali and Becky and Lil Nate and JR and everyone and maybe like, a xerox collage of The Dils and or Lydia Lunch that you can print out and hang on yr bedroom of homework cubicle and an informative Q&A with NO AGE or a moving essay on the death of grime.

do it! It's the weekend. Get started on this now.

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