November 15, 2006


Long review I wrote of Joanna Newsom Ys from this week's City Pages. I could of used about another 2 or 4 thousand words to get at what I am really thinking about it.

Also, I think the jumbotron flash ad in the middle of the copy--the one of the guys fresh off of work, collars loosened--playing video games while pounding drinks--I think that kind of throws it, but hopefully you get the point.

At the bottom, it also links to some stuff I forgot ever ran on Kelisreview that is mainly nonesense and Rio Baile Funk 2:Totally Forgettable. The bio for the baile funk v/a had one of the worst taglines I have ever read--that the record would magically transport you to the ghetto. But then again, the "slum" angle appeals to the other fetishization of you and me and 120,000 Pitchfork readers, because we think liking it says something about us and who we are--so maybe whomever wrote that is actually just spading the spade rather than being sans tact.

Blogging from a pirated signal at a southern Indiana motel parking lot. As HR once asked: How low can a punk get?

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