November 08, 2006


My Joanna Newsom feature , from todays Tribune. First of three peices--feature, q&a and review. Prep for the deluge; actually, it's more like a high tide of compliments and varying description of her hair. She was the most charming and articulate person I have interviewed in the last 15 years, so I figured go long.

Stayed up late watching returns with my dad, a first in my life I think, a real pleasure as he is ever-incredulous. It was also a pleasure on the eye, as all the CNN heads and anchors are made up in shades of pumpkin that range from "neon" to "aflame"; Carville looks like Skeletor and Wolf Blitzer is the number 2 midget in grime. Here's to third party viability next time around and hopes that the Dems can deliver everywhere from US evil in the interim.

Was my turn to overnight at the hospital, now it is my turn to sleep, then to drive home. Rotating out for a few days, see life outside of Intermediate Care ward, see food outside of donut hole topped donuts with kreme-filled kruller-filling.

GOOD MORNING, here is a PSA: If you are pneumonia-free and can walk--be grateful and don't forget it all fucking day. If you are related to old people call them; you have nothing better to do unless you are close enough to visit them. Seriously. Old people LOVE cards and will display them and read them 50 times and show them to visitors and mention them to everyone that calls. No one likes to talk to old people because it reminds us that we are going to die, but seriously, do it now in hopes that when you are old someone does the same for you.

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