November 06, 2006


My aunts attempted to impress the importance of having good china upon my 20 year olf girl-cousin. I backed them up, for some reason, with an argument that would only work if it was 1963 or her life was an episode of Bewitched; "One day, if you or your husband might invite your boss over for dinner-- you'd have to serve on china. Get it when you get married, you'll never be able to afford it on yr own otherwise."

This was entirely speculative, seeing as I don't have a husband, good plates or a boss. It is as if, upon entering the city limits, my brain has been replaced with the December 1986 issue of Women's Day.

& Personally, I wouldn't pay more than $1 per place setting for any dish set unless they had pictures of Pilgrims eating Blizzards on them.

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