November 06, 2006


Today was not such a good day at the hospital.
BUT The day was made better by the many wtf signs viewed en route to the hospital:
Dairy Queen writes "Pilgrims Love Pumpkin Pie Blizzards".
Haircut places: "Hair Ritz" and "Siemens Cutting Loose". Hair-ritz sounds like something unspeakably gross. Like warts that grow in your hair.
Also, a lit up arrow sign that just reads "NITROGEN" and points to nothing.
Also, a fireplace showroom that is announcing the new tanning bed shipment that just arrived.
The head shop: Smoke 'n' stuff
I also found out via sign that I missed a two day historical re-enactment of the war of 1812 at the Fort Sackville monument this weekend.

PS. Do you laugh everytime you read an update about Pastor Ted being outed by Mike Jones because you think of it being "Who Is Mike Jones?" Mike Jones. Do you think Pastor Ted being replaced by someone named Pastor Ross Parsley is even funnier? Me too.

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