November 03, 2006


Reader spesh books issue and "more":
My thing on Bayo Ojikutu. RIYL: Season Two of The Wire. Vivid bad-on-bad plots that I hardly get into in the article, engrossing and a lot of "oh no!"--it's intense, I kept putting the book down because I would get mad at the people in the book like I knew them.

Some short reviews of Alice McDermotts new one and the Trevor Dann book about Nick Drake. The McDermott one is particular in it's style but she never lets anyone talk, for like 22 years, in the book. The mean thing I didn't say in the review--it's like a season finale episode of The Wonder Years--but the sister gets an abortion and Fred Savage's character doesn't learn a thing. The Trevor Dann book is only for dudes who equate Bryter Layter with their own erections. I'm not sure what I mean by that, but I think you do.

And also, solid proof I am sullying the paper--I used the word "pussy" 2x this week, "jizz" once, and positively endorsed a ska-band reunion. Banner week for gross outs.

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