October 25, 2006


1. A psychedelic records club!. So you don't give a shit about Carlos Giffoni or Ariel Pink or Keith Emerson Whitman Buckminster Fuller IV, but still there is opp. in this for you. Every eteched one sides album in the series comes with free artwork sent in by whomever. Put yr art into the world with a surprise--visit the website to get details on where and how to send yr arts for inclusion.

2. 826 Chi still really needs volunteers and tutors. M-Th 3-ish until 5:30, you help lil' minis with their homework. Nothing hard, just like, math work sheets and writing. They finish their work and then you draw or play Battleship with them; you have not known fun til you play cards against ultra competitive 7 year olds. I do it 2x a month. Maybe you have a free Thursday once a month. They also need people for classroom-visits and workshops during the days and eves. Go to the link and email them about volunteering. Help unruin the adults of the future by lending some time and attention.

October 31st @ The Fort (1829 S. 54th AVE.Cicero, IL(you can get there
on the pink line) myspace.com/rockthefort
Ice Cage (myspace.com/icecage)
Des Ark (Des Ark is the best!)
Physics of Meaning
$5, Costume party

This Friday Mr. City hosts The Coughs and Bird Names and 2 more TBA for a fundraiser for the newspaper THE SKELETON, which is a circular coming out of Pilsen with a staff of 40 that includes some of the great comics and writers of this city, though the only one I know for sure is Al Burian and some Bird Names and Coughs people. Anyhow $5. Coughs and Bird Names at MR. City, the #1 name in elusive downtown warehouse spaces. I don't know the address, it's buy the street where all the meat wholesalers are, head south on Halsted or Ashland, sniff hard and you will find the trail. Look for a ton of bikes locked up. Listen for a sweet and clangorous din. You will know.

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