October 24, 2006


$1000 a pop for some crabapple trees is kind of a lame deal if you ask me. Plus, if 158,000 people came to Lollapalooza and paid for just the one-day-pass, that is still about 10 million dollars. 600,000$ for a bunch of trees is practically giving it away for free. Further beautifying one of the nicest parks in the city is pretty uninspired. Why not put it towards some playgrounds, or installing grass that is actually alive in Humboldt Park, or dredging up body parts from those swampy ponds? Or get a crew of 6 people at $50,000 to go around to every park in the city and pick up broken glass with special vaccums every day for the next year and then put the rest towards a field house, a bunch of soccer balls and a new zamboni for whatever filthy ice rink needs it. Free wack-a-mole games would be better than expensive trees.

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