October 23, 2006


Supertalent Shayla Hason is having an art sale! Shayla won an arts residency, but needs to raise $ in order to be able to do what she needs to do at the residency, which is develop and print many pictures of the Rock N Roll Girls Camp for her forthcoming photobook about the camp. There is no part of that equation that is not excitingly worthwhile. Plus, you know what is also neat? Her work is available from $17 on up. A STEAL. A great way to start or bolster your art collection affordably, or perhaps get started on yr holiday shopping early. What says "baby/dad/friend--I love you" like

pictures of The Decemberists playing Rock Camp?

portraits of rural life in Canada?

Or how about
pictures of industry in Shanghai? This picture is 11x17 and framed and going for $120-- you can't even get a picture-framed for less than that!. Think about how the very special crafter in your life would love this; this yarn pile is like crafter-porno.

So, get to it. Buy that picture of the topless girl getting chased by the dog, or Betsy in the tree, or little girls tuning their guitars. Help Shayla live her dream and make a book that will change lives. CHANGE. LIVES.

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