October 19, 2006


No one beeeleeeved me in 2005, but it's true again: The new Portastatic album is one of the 10 best albums of the year. Mac is on a tear. No one is making records about what he is making records about--getting older, being a dad, being a husband, being an American--the frustrations, the challenge, the wonder inherent to it all. It's honest in a way that sets it entirely outside of (male) rock idiom. Plus, the solos are twins to Green Mind-era Mascis; molten. It's the ninth P-static record and maybe you gave up on Mac somewhere round "Driveway to Driveway", but seriously, you can come back. It's mellow stakes, neutral palette orchestral-americana, but it's such a treat to listen hard to someone who knows how to do what they do best.

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