October 18, 2006


As payback for doing the monster amount of dirty dishes I created by roasting 12 lbs of sweet potatoes, I drew Matt a shirt.


"Seashells & Money 2007" is a concept base/lifestyle ideal I am suggesting for the new year. It's self-explanitory, but it's open ended. You can use it however you like. I am filesharing my idea with you because I'm like that. Start thinking--2007 is just aroound the corner.

Secondly, I know the entire span of your concern is alocated towards Madonna's adoption, but please listen to me for a sec, because I have some news that is totally official. I have a book coming out. It's a book of my non writing arts. It "drops" in mid 2007 on the Teardrops book imprint. It's entitled Old Tymey Time, The Land Of The Oldest Time.

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