October 10, 2006


Does anyone in the bay/SF zone wanna help me out and pick up 60-odd copies of my sweet YE OLDE HIT IT OR QUIT IT super fanzine from Revolver, drop some at Lost Weekend and then take it upon yrself to find a home or use with with rest? Like put them in the free publication zone at the front of a record store or feminist collective meeting hall, or have them free with admission at yr next show or whatnot, for example. You could also take all the covers off of them and make a flashy avante garde wall paper of Miranda July's head alternating with Craig Finn's head. You could sell them on the corner for alls I care (serious), I just don't wanna see them go the way of the trash can, which would just be criminal. In exchange for this favor I can offer $20 or THE BEST MIX CD 2 DISC SET YOU WILL FIND IN GOD'S FREE AMERICA, with a special hand sewn cover.

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