October 09, 2006


"What Up The Fuck?!"

Via my partner in crafts, Robin:Tokion fails to get any women on it's Creativity Fest thing and subsequent fall out , unravelling via blog comment hollaback. I am baffled baffledtron 3000 about this, despite it being art-scene patriarchy plays by the book, but so they approached 20-some famous art star ladies (Miranda, Cindy, Ms. Lee) about participating and none of em can do it--so rather than going further down the list, they gave up. The Tokion honcho, Ken, then rebuts and says "well, if we invited a bunch of women now, we'd just be tokenizing them"--which is funny because

a. like there are only 20 women on the art world a-team and the rest (anyone sub Carolee Schneemann) are some way 'sunder farm team with no genuine value or nothing to say and she'd just be getting invited cuz she's a girl (which says more about Tokion than it does whatever woman they'd invite).

B. like any woman in any creative field doesn't spend 9 whole hours a day being a token/the odd one out already--not to speak on any other lady artists behalf, but for me, it's so NOT a big deal because it is fundamentally part of the deal, it is USA Patriarchy c. 2006. That is not to say I wouldn't really like/love/always hope it will be different.

c. Not having women be 50+% of anything that operates as survey of the art world is not only LAME, but it is also prescriptive. When I was a 15 year old feminist who spent every free dollar on records and went to every show I could get in to, I never thought about being in a band myself until I saw bands with women in them. Maybe it was my lack of wit or gumption, but when I saw Bloodline or Melvins or Jesus Lizard or Jonestown--I never thought "Me too." thoughts. Those only came once I saw Babes in Toyland, SMUT, Psuedonymphs, Bikini Kill and Scissor Girls. Who knows if girls out there are gonna get a "Me too." from a Jason Lee keynote. Word?

d. "Scheduling issues" is not a valid excuse for only having 2 or 3 women participating, even if the shit was happening on Xtreme Talibans Only island, not in New York Fucking City, where you cannot step foot out of yr 5 story walk up with out eating the dust of some passing industrious DIY woman who is simultaneously crochetting, tagging yr building, blogging and making a documentary about it all. PLEASE.

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