October 04, 2006


10. "Don't Ask My Neighbors" - The Emotions (stepper set classic--the music doesn't match the topic: an erotosmooth do-me/step to the plate dude holler, so strange and lite, it's at once static and floating away, like a kleenex from a tissue kozy-house chimney)
9. Whatever the first track on the Indian Jewelry record is called (seriously fuct)
8. Whatever the third track on the Indian Jewelry record is called (totes-thousand)
7. "Gay Sons of Lesbian Mothers" - Kaki King (J. McEntire sometimes catches some heat for overpowering quiet/accoustic gtrists he accompanies (ie. those Buckner albs, Jandek) but here he Tortoisizes Kaki in a way that makes the song more delicate. S'pretty.)
6. "Living Proof" de Kelis (or as everyone in Chica-go says "Key-less")
5. "Got to get away" - Dave Barker (sounding a too current-events relevent note)
4. "What You Know" - TI (four times in a row still never enough, the cheese line makes me think about the "Who Moved My Cheese?" mgmt books they sell at Kinkos, but I'll leave that parallel for Greil)
3. "Little House of Savages" -The Walkmen (tenser by the verse, rippin!)
2. "Jackie Blue" - Ozark Mountain Daredevils (I saw Pfork are doing a countdown through the sixties*(1)(2) and if they work their way up to the 70's and this song isn't in the top ten, a. they are lying and b. it's because the entire staff was born in the 80's.)
1. "Our House (Papa)" - International Pony from Boogy Bytes/Sascha Funke edition (I.Pony is what Jr. Boys are going for and missing by a Canadian mile (kilometer w/e)--minimal tech with the emotional resonance of say, TV On The Radio -- HEAVY.)

(* insert total bafflement)
((1) see also "the vh-1-ing of music criticism")
((2) destroy all heirarchy)
(ps. that includes this list)

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