September 29, 2006


Local kittenfaces: Saturday at 11am at the Wicker Park Fld House, as part of the nth annual Estrojam*, I am on a feminist fun-panel with writer Mairead Case, some ladies from Venus, Leslie from Drag City and Chic-a-go-go host Miss Mia. Swing by.

Secondly, and tangentally related--Annie Sprinkle, sexpert, is showing her new movie and doing a presentation at Early To Bed on Weds. It's $10 and you gotta RSVP, I think via, but I would recommend you do so and even though it soounds skeezy, bring any teenage girls you know. I saw Annie Sprinkle's Sluts & Goddesses Video Workshop at The Walker when I was 11th grade baby feminist and it destroyed all existing cultural mythology about "the female orgasm" I had built up from years of reading my mom's Mademoiselle subscription and growing up in a patriarchy. Her work is still vital and important = go see her.

(* I know the name sounds like it's a vat of flavored lubricant/medication for hot flashes, not a festival, but please come anyhow.)

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