September 26, 2006


And another thing. Rock for Kids CD auction is this Thursday at Smart Bar. It doesn't say what time it starts, but I think bidding ends at 9pm. My contribution this year is not as amazingly packaged as last year's four CD megaset (that was 2.5 ft tall, made out of plywood and a door hinge, or the year before where the case was covered in mine own hair-cuttings), but thematically, and quality-wise, it's my best. And at least 67% more patently amazing than whatever Billy Corgan and/or Jim DeRogatis submits this year. It's a two disc set entitled: Fuck You! / Fuck Me! . One disc of fuck-the-world-and-it's-people-and-it's- ins'tutions, the other practically gaurantees pregnancy by it's end. Go and bid on that shit. Yr money will help homeless kids learn how to DJ and make music while they live in shelters.

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