September 12, 2006

i save before you spend ya dollar boy / put up the re-up

New favorite thing alert! Heart swollen with pride and excitement for my fellow scribe homes at the Reader: Crickets: the official Chicago Reader music critical bloggerstein. B'tween that and Margasak's post no bills blog bit of local and avant, really, it's much-heat all around. Monica Kendrick has been in the DaCapo b.o. like 3 or 4 times now and a-finally, she is readable in the internet ether.

Secondly, tomorrow is White/Light at the Bottle. Tomorrow is Weds. and White/Light is duo with Matt and his clear guitar in it. Collasal and loud, mostly big drones, with some ripping arpeggiation/solos. Mostly like Earth with a dappling of Billy Gibbons. There are no drums, just a wall of squeal. You are invited.

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