September 08, 2006


All old people and all greeting cards now make me cry.

I don't wanna transcribe, I just wanna watch this copy of Ben Hur we got at the biblioteca.

I rearranged all the books again, this time in better order. Poetry ebbs into mythology into science. Dictionary into reference/instructional into bible and religion other. Feminism: theory into history into essay. Watergate and biographies. Fiction. Fiction. Didion section, chronologically, Plays it As it Lays on loan. Anthologies into film/art crit and essays. Music (overfull). Comics and books too big to fit on other shelves. Dropped fiction on my head twice some, but twas not too Howards End. Totes ok. Mostly the cat's fault.

Mika Miko are playing tomorrow at The Metro w/Goxxip and Erase Errata on the best $5 bill since Fugazi/NOU tour 91, if'n you could hardly give a shit about T&G or Monorchid: go. Mika Miko are one of them Smell-posse bands from LA, they should of been the leads in "Another State Of Mind" except that it came out 4 years before any of 'em were born. Remember the part when Mike Ness smears his eyeliner to make it look like he's been crying, to give the kids something to identify with? Is that ultimate proto-eem or more of a punked-up Iron John moment?

But whats really impressing me is the music that punks are making for dancing and the lengths they will go to in order to keep it from being dance punk. Hence Soiled Mattress and The Springs (who may or may not be down with Keith Jarrett.)

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