September 07, 2006


Here's some shizz: Monorchid is playing a secret show Friday night at THE NOTE up in Wicker Crotch. HEAVY. In case you wanna skip seeing Brick Layer Cake with 5,000 amped dudes in a fenced corral. I might. I have a fancy plan. See the Ex. Muse with friends about back in the day, when Bike home. That street right before the now underconstruction North Avenue bridge--the one across from the Touch N Go Fairgrounds--used to be one of the prime spots in the city to get a rill cheap hando. One of the real shames about gentrification: hooker diaspora. Anyhow, play it safe in the Chi-Boogie if yr coming this way: The grocery store, Stanley's, that is right by the thing--cheapest limes in the city--10 for a buck. Compare at 80 cents PER LIME at the Whole foods down the street. ENJOY CHICAGO: Fight yr scurvy with inexpensive limes!

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