September 05, 2006


It's true! Me and Beyonce have something in common, it's B'day for both of us. I turned 1000 years old today! Who knew I could make it past 22, let alone to 1000. I'm not sure yet how I am celebrating, but it's supposed to be sunny all day tomorrow if anyone is up/down for a badminton game commemorating my 20's. Leisure sports is what I am about in between avoiding deadlines. Leisure sports and boat shoes is my steez for pre-fall. Regarding presents--I found a seven foot tall wooden giraffe in the dumpster outside the Moody Bible Instutute in only two peices this weekend--pretty much the best gift ever given to me (it's a prez from God, natch)--so don't sweat getting me anything, unless you can top that.

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