September 02, 2006


Chicago: I know it is so loverly this bright morning, but what I am suggesting is later, tween now and Monday some, but hop onto your bike and GO to the Gene Siskel Center downtown because they are screening all three films of Park Chan-Wook's VENGEANCE TRILOGY. I'm not really one for scary and violent movies, or gore, but I'd really recommend you see Old Boy and Lady Vengeance pronto because they are funny moral plays. Also bloodsoaked. Maybe a little more like fables. You will be real glad the bad people get their due, it's very gratifying. And wholly fucked up. Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance--I heard the puncturing and squishing of the knifing sounds at the end echo in my brain for a week, which made me gag when I still think about it, so just a word of caution on that one.

Also, a link to a book review I did about party punks in Iraq.

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