August 27, 2006


I'm moving, and maybe you want some of my stuff. It's a hope I have.

I have a trash bag full of promo CDs as well as a postal bin of records (mostly hip hop, some electro, hip house, two years worth B Pitch control 12"s in triplicate, punk & hxc records) as well as a box of mosaicing supplies (glass cutters, tile glue, hot glue gun etc) and about 20 lbs of glass tiles as well as a bag of vintage fabric. Each of these items are "free" if you promise to make a donation to the rock n' roll girls camp for whatever you deem the value at once you put the item/s to use. You gotta get em by Weds.

DEAL CITY. Just email me at the link to the right, or myspace me.

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