August 26, 2006


To second JR's note on last nights reading "Orphan Schlitz"--twas the best night Quimbys has hosted, period. I have never seen anyone ever overshadow Burian and reel in the yuks as much as last nights line up. And Burian was great. Mark Safety Pin really knew how to curate some fine local talent. My favorite was Meg MacCarville who read this great peice and a Scum Manifesto inspired essay "69 Reasons I should have been aborted" which included everything from "I suck at eBay" to an admission of VD. I couldn't hear half of what she was saying because people were laughing. She was like Lisa Suckdog times GG Allin divided by Bill Hicks' Flying Saucer Tour album. So repulsive it's noble, with filleting genius. Why doesn't SPIN give her a column?

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