August 24, 2006


Nilsson + Lose Yr Illusion II + any gothy GSL band = Gosling.

Curing plain elements into something really seductive: PDX chanteuse Corrina Repp

Of Course is a bit of thunky fuck-the-world, with Sam running gtr lines that sound like Ian Williams processed through a bug zapper, punkest thing Kinsella's done this side of emo's pop, songs from the new Make Believe, one of them named for Har Mar's brother.

The Riverdales + Tiger Trap = Partyline. Record is raddest band yet from Alison Wolfe and checks in at a full 19 minutes.

I'm not sure why the Chi doesn't rep harder for her, maybe it's cos the crew she's affiliated with is 406 miles from 60622, but PsalmOne finally has a proper album out. None the less, she's here, she's queer, she's on tour all over.

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