August 21, 2006


American Apparel Issues Ultimatum to Clamor Magazine

In response to advance previews of Clamor Magazine's forthcoming special
section on American Apparel, the Los Angeles-based clothing company has
issued a letter of demands from its Media Relations office.

Cynthia Semon, Media Relations Director at American Apparel, sent an
email to Clamor Politics co-editor (and editor of the American Apparel
section) Mariana Ruiz and Clamor co-founder Jen Angel, citing
inaccuracies and accusing Clamor of shoddy and amateur journalism. Ms.
Semon demanded, "if the article is not immediately removed online, along
with a retraction and an [sic] public apology posted online and
published appropriately, we will be forced to seek legal action in light
of such gross, blatant, negligent and irresponsible journalism."

"We have issued a correction of unintended factual inaccuracies," stated
Angel, "However, we have no intention of retracting the stories or the
issue in which they appear. Apart from the correction we have made, we
stand by those stories as they appear." The correction is noted below.

"We're publishing articles here that are critical of American Apparel's
business practices and challenge the credibility of their carefully
crafted 'progressive' identity, and they're not happy about that," said
Clamor co-founder Jason Kucsma. "That a social justice magazine with a
yearly operating budget of less than $150 thousand is being issued an
ultimatum by a company that turned $250 million in profit last year
seems a little incongruous to me.

Three articles, one photo essay featuring a former American Apparel
employee, and a series of parody American Apparel ads make up a 10-page
section analyzing American Apparel's business model, sexual harassment
claims made against founder and CEO Dov Charney, and the co-opting of
progressive values to hype an otherwise less-than progressive workplace.

The Fall 2006 issue in which the special section appears is scheduled
for a newsstand release of September 1, 2006.

Read more about the section and read a sneak preview of the American
Apparel section at:

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