August 16, 2006


I am sorry that as of late the blog is only slightly more interesting than the 12-hour pollen forecast on I have nine concurrent assignments of writing and have been listening to nothing but the crazy-delicious TVOTR nu-nu, Return to Cookie Mountain for five straight days for upwards of six hours a day, breaking only to fix dinners and stalk the alleys by my house for the trash gems of fall-moving; that and checking my neighboors trash-area for a slightly warped Christine McVie solo album. He was xtra hardline about getting a dollar for it at his garage sale the other day, I tried to bargain, and he took it and put it back in the "$1 ALBUMS" box. I wanted to tell him to to stick Christine McVie and his water damaged Tabernacle xmas albums in his ass. But I didn't. Now I am adamant about getting it for free. So far he has only put out a box of brown carpet. Vengence and that Christine McVie record will both be mine! For free!

Anyhow, that's really the bulk of it. Read a book instead--you have my blessing.

PS: Happy Birthday # 31 to Matt Clark, sweet and fine as ever.

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