August 11, 2006


Between the two corner bldgs, there are now three couples with tandem bikes. You may be thinking it is dorky, but it looks real cute when they are pedaling off together, or coming home from the store with a giant baguette sticking outta the basket like they are on a commercial for France. Is the tandem purchase some love-secret passed between the couples, 2F to 1R to garden apt style?

Five of the last six times I parked my car in front of the house, on the NE corner across, the retiree man with the suspenders, pompadour'd hair tonic'd slick'd mohawk and the yanked up black socks is standing still, with his red dog on it's lead, like a lederhosen stauary, both facing due west IN THE SAME SPOT EVERYTIME. All different times of day. Is it an animal omen if the dog's attention is not on me? Or is the man's socks a signal?

I will be sad to leave this neighborhood, with all of it's old people walking very slow to the store/their death and the concerned nana's of eastern blocs ringing our bell to say "you kitty eez trap on porch you come get shay jump you luze hair someone steal she very preety kaht come get now" three times a week when Monkee is out singing "Meow Meow" from the overhang.

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