August 10, 2006


More Hardcore Histories at MessHall

HARDCORE HISTORIES: Vegetarianism, Veganism and Animal Rights in Hardcore Music
Sunday, August 20, 7-9 PM.
FREE and all ages!
Mess Hall
6932 N. Glenwood Avenue
Rogers Park ("Morse" stop on the Red Line El)

Join Andre Foisy and Terence Hannum of the bands Unlucky Atlas and
Locrian as they discuss the prominence of vegetarianism, veganism, and
animal rights in the hardcore music community. In their discussion,
Terence and Andre seek to demystify the rise
vegetarianism and animal rights in hardcore communities since the
early 1980's. They will look at the influence of socio-economic
conditions, class structure, family structure, youth rituals and
religion on a number of bands and other participants in the scene.
Also up for discussion are how these influences relate to identity
construction and the establishment of common world-views.

During the event, attendees will create a timeline tracing the lineage
of these issues in hardcore music. Records will be played by bands
that promoted vegetarianism, veganism and animal rights such as: Youth
of Today, Drop Dead, Earth Crisis, Conflict, MDC, Cro-Mags, Day of
Suffering, and the impossibly right wing band Vegan Reich. Bring your
records, experiences, zines, videos, and sense of humor to help fill
in this timeline. Vegan food will be served.

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