August 07, 2006


We went. Lollapalooza's Saturday showing was a moderate time to be had: Sonic Yout' with Kim G fronting is frilly sang-froid deluxxxe, her legs look like ropes; in an outfit du H&M summer, calestenics-dancing, she sang about free girls and bad boys and the elusive humping and oppression, including a shuddering take on "Inhuman". Quel bonkers / way to rip it, team.

Flaming Lips, I had not seen since last time they played Lollapalooza, circa summer 94*. Back then they were a band, as opposed to a parade. Coyne shouted to the watchful many many many, to sing along so loud their voices stop traffic on Lake Shore Drive, and then after that implored to sing along louder than that-- so loud as to prevent Israel from destroying all of Lebanon and it's people. Later, he conceeded that war stopping via a Lips-singalong was not infact possible (Kofi Annan=way bummed), but it's the thought that counts. Is it really, Wayne?

Between every song in Kanye's set was chock with heavy pauses, and it wasn't moments of silence for Darfur, it wasn't for costume changes or for the harp player to adjust her mask. It stalled shit out, the cameos were weak save for brick-o-fire-Lupe, Jigga never showed, Kanye threatened to fire soundpeople and backstage workers ON MIC, in front of 60,000-ish people. No class, no grace, no fun. "There are going to be reprocussions for embarrassing me in my home town." For that, he can only hold himself responsible.

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