July 30, 2006


I am saving the bulk of my musings for publication purposes later in the week, but today of Pitchfork was better. Here is my synopsis: So hot. Too hot. Watched in horror from about six feet away as the singer from Bonde de Role broke/dislocated her arm & elbow when she fell from the hands of the crowd onto a monitor. CSS was the deepest dream of riot girl come into a fruition in a way that was if nothing other than total liberation existed, only disco and fun. I will not detail the words fight I got into with some strangers after the CSS set, over their discussion of why the guy drummer was probably the band svengali, why the five women in the band couldn't have written those songs. It was the best set of all of the music I saw this whole wide weekend, and the svengali-theorists concurred. Fucks. Liars were wonderfully scary, ever thing that is a low hiss on the record is a really loud loud screeching in concert--Angus wore a waitresses uniform like a kimono and what appeared to be a jockstrap with colorful animal stickers on it--I tried not to actually look at what kind of business he was doing down there. The best part of Devendra's set was everyone over 34 in the VIP and backstage bitching about how The Grateful Dead became indie iconic. Catering ran out of food (chips/carrot sticks) and vacated thier little tent c. 3pm, but left a buffet offering of two large crates of almost ripe bananas. Mission of Burma were fiery though I could only see their eyebrows from where I was. Diplo was so good I had to leave after four songs. Does that every happen to you? Spoon opened with a new song that answered my question of how can they make a better record than the last one. Yo La Tengo played so quiet til the last song I did not know they were playing, the last song was pyrrhic (sp?) victory, a guy next to me leaned over and politely informed "They just hit the 20 minute mark." Good to know there are still stopwatchers on solo patrol these days.

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