July 29, 2006


Finally found a CD player which my copy protected promotional copy of the new Hold Steady album plays on, and cottdamn. Joe Gross sent an email early in the week insisting it's "way Bruce" but I hear, structurally and sentimentally, a little Kiss and a lot of Replacements. It's like Craig wrote his Exile in Guyville style answer back record, but to the 'Mats Tim -- "Here Comes A Regular" hollers back; it's real Ghost-of-Stinson / knees on the filthy hard tile of the Chevron bathroom kind of living, all patina of romance rubbed right off this life and yr left with the unforgiving, brassy glare--but not having the balls or the crippling fear to give up on the party nights and their perdurable damage. I think yr gonna like it.

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