July 21, 2006


Last night we danced to a phantasm of the discos-dream! Four Tet dude played records at Sonotecque, a one-off for the celebre of his new DJ Kicks series release, which I think is the best one of the Kickzzz series by a landslide (the Playgroup one was ok, but works better as a document of the moment before DFA exhaled) -- mostly because Mnsr. Four Tet has made the a mix tape ode to good taste and organic dancing music. Ultimate Party Mix 2 Go for those with most discerning tastes. Last night was 2-odd hours of the same hoo-boy--Magma into chopped 'n screwed into JB-funk into bhangra into This Heat into big beat wizard flutes into mantronix into freestyle battles of London into Showbiz & AG. It was the first I went a-prancing and only heard two songs by artists I knew, and was dancing the entire time. JR and I were in whites from the other party, looking like a painting crew on party wagon, and we stepped and stepped, and sometimes peered into the DJ booth hoping to get an understanding of What The Fuck. When I curate next year's Intonation*, I'm so bringing him back, so we can do it all again.

(* Do not underestimate the Power of positive thinking!)

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