July 13, 2006


A group of us went to Treat tonight, excited by the prospect of something new from a former Lula chef. I feel bad saying it, but I would hate to see anyone waste 60$ like we did. The beer batter fish sandwich with "frites", according to Friend#1, were delicious, no complaints. We also enjoyed the "frites". I asked Friend#2 why she was not eating her vegetables--"They taste like semen." They did have a distinctly masculine taste to them, as if they had spent the day marinating in the pocket of a construction worker. The salmon/spinach/tomato thing was made revolting by being entirely dressed, fried by, wet with oil. The plate was also besotted with several cute MINI POOLS of brightly colored oil for decoration. Our friends who had the pasta said it was good, so maybe it's dish to dish basis, but I thought it was bad news bears and would not go back even if someone I hated was footing the bill.

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