July 11, 2006


A day of total surprise! I thought Syd Barrett "left" Pink Floyd by dying, like 30 years ago.

Meanwhile, I have a partial list of my most favored records of this year in non heirarchacal order. Becauzzz that is what rock critics do, and somehow I got drafted on to thier team. Must list. Must snark.

1. Erase Eratta's Night Life is coming out in August : Eliptical funking and war against the war. Double nickelling all the way!

2. Fiery Furnaces' Bitter Tea: I never liked them until now, just thought it was tamed-up Beefheartian fardling. Eleanor's got that hot-plain voice, an East Coast art school Helen Reddy. Best mid-song reverse-tape hooks since Lennon/Ono "Meat City".

3. Thom Yorke Eraser: He works the contours of a limited range. He sings in a way of the traditionally feminine. Someone did it for J. Buckley--but there is a thesis about kicking off binary gender norms hidden in the folds of this fey minimal techno record.

That is all I know so far about the list.

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