July 11, 2006


Listening to the six songs of The Germs from the Live At The Masque series and pondering the WTF ridiculousness of them "reuniting" (or rather "forming", pun marginally intended) to tour, this band that was notoriously, riotously, famously shambling, fronted by a restless, pimply force majeure--Darby Crash; way dead. The irony is enough to give you a contact high. Is it comic or disgustin? Who's zoomin' who?

On "Hang On To Yourself" the band is burning, Darby squawking like fuck all, right-on and righteous, gasping for air and desperate at minute-twenty, then at minute forty-four something goes wrong. There is a thud and the gtr just starts to squeeee and Darby shrieks "STUPID!" like your alcoholic stepdad in a Schlitz blackout. The gtr is nothing but fuzz, Bolles et Doom keep going steady pound pound pound in the deepening distance.
Cruel feedback.
Enter Kickboy Face, his frenchness on: "Queet be-ang so scrappy, you...scrappers in za front two rows."

And yet, this is probably in the top 5 of most coherent, linear or, uh, reasonable live Germs bits put to tape. Will Darby, re-enacted by actual actor-actor Shane West, be doing the Germicide version of "Grand Old Flag"? Will he scream like a torn-in-half newborn, sex boy ping ponging from a fake British accent to a thpptty lithp, words mauled beyond recognition?

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