July 07, 2006


Calling your car a "vehicle" and vehicle being a three or four syllable word. Teal and Cranberry accents. Covered dishes where chips are an ingredient. Decorating with old fashioned Coca Cola advertisements that are actually brand new. Women's Day and Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul on the back of the toilet. Framed footprints prayer. Framed Serentiy prayer. Framed house blessing. Framed sad clown painting by hometown celeb Red Buttons. Framed jokey golf prayer. Glass dishes for jellybeans. Hints from Heloise on the tacked fridge next to the in door ice-cubing system. My house seems barren in comparison. My womb seems barren in compared to all my cousins: I am the only one over 19 who is unmarried and sans baby. Have not read The Purpose Driven Life, despite getting it as xmas gift three years in a row now. They don't ask about my church since I told them my pastor is gay. I don't explain my purpose-drive is loose but agressive; my holy trinity is Jesus, D. Boon and Andrea Dworkin . My dad told them I am writing for the Tribune now, so maybe they will stop suggesting veterinary school. They love me inspite my sin, I love them inspite of their Pope. I take the American Flags off the top of the cupcakes before I eat them.

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