June 29, 2006


Hey guys! Arcwelder is back together!. Everyone is getting into the Antiques Roadshow spirit for the Touch N' Go anniversary show! Who's next you think? Mule? Flour? The Meatmen? Phono-Comb? Rollins to MC perhaps? I'd pay money to see Monorchid re-unite and maybe Tar as well, maybe The Didjits if they only were playing "Dad" -- but only if it doesn't involve sitting through Big Black, also reunited.

Addendum/Special PS for Electrical Audio Message Board: Thanks for sending so much traffic my way. If you hate me and my writing so much why do you read my blog? Does calling me a cunt bring you closer to Steve? Bound, through the internet, in yr fondness for certain mics and yr deep disdain for my unremitting cuntdom? "Ohmigod! NO! Jessica Hopper admitted she wouldn't pay to see Big Black re-unite. SOUND THE ALARM! MUST START MESSAGE THREAD! ALERT STEVE AT ONCE!". Please--you make it so easy for me.

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