June 25, 2006


The weather forecast was grim, the skies were dark, and about 400 people had showed by mid-day, c. Rhymefest, which was 14,600 shy of capacity. We joked that it was probably the biggest crowd Rhymefest had ever had in Chicago, by double or triple. His freestyle was ok, but the whole line of lines about R.Kelly and fucking young chicks but even they have HIV now, how he started using condoms again, after his interlude about his rap o' conciousness was lost on me. Or just lost. Lupe Fiasco gave me genuine hometown pride over "Conflict Diamonds" and his weird sweatshirt that looked like some spin-paint thing you get at the state fair in 5th grade was also a thing of greatness. He made jokes about being straight edge and his goofy skate rat friends mugged on the side of the stage. He felt Chicagoan to me. I never wish fame upon any entertainer whose work I like, but I hope he can be our ambassador because even though Kanye and Common rep for Chicago, they do not rep for us. Qualo did two songs before Lupe. One about respecting him-slash-some bitches ho pussy ugliness, the other about getting paid. Quel suprise. He said he was the true sound of Chicago, but he was the true sound of the capitalist patriarchy suck-this, on cruise control, version four snore and seven years ago. His hypeman called out hoods - four people from the Southside, a dozen from the Westside, maybe a hundred Northside and then explicably, he yelled for the Eastside to represent--who is that? People who live on their sailboats in the lake? Billy Jean King, Oprah and the ghost of Chris Farley--all you folks who live in 4.5 million dollar condos on the Gold Coast PUT YOUR MOTHERFUKIN HANDS UP!

addendddduh: Everyone mentioned in the last two days of this blog wound up on Cobrasnake today. Miles and I, side by side, like in real lide: him partying, me funereal as ever. More notably: Enfants du Boredoms

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