June 23, 2006


Intonation is starting tomorrow and there are wondering crew/dirtball gangs of other towns milling on the streets of what we call "The Crotch", aka Wicker Park. You know they are from out of town because they are a different kind of greasy, they look too slim for midwesterners, they are passing the time sitting in a pack in front of the record store lighting up books of matches one match at a time and throwing them at the shoes of passerby, which is a habit you only pick up by living in places like a college dorm in Piqua, Ohio*, and not something you do in the city unless you want to get that filty bandana kicked off yr head. The Vice Guide To Chicago came out this week, in anticipation of their weekend festival, and is an item of much debate. People are speculating on who wrote what--that it must be someone from out of town if they are making like Dan Koretsky is a bona-fide celebrity and recommending that Mexican resturant. I don't care what burritos they recommend for out of town horse hairs to eat, I am just pumped to Erase Errata, Ghostface and the Boredoms. I have not seen Erase Errata play in two months, the Boredoms in 13 years, I have seen Ghostface never-times. See you there. I will be perma-parked by the nearest elotes stand, mowing volumes of corn in a cup.

(* though this was a constant habit of a young Yoko Ono who was cosmopolitan at a young age.)

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